Tires collection

The tires are collected in the Netherlands & Belgium and after inspection and sorting, the quality tires are stored in the warehouse based on quality and then sold worldwide. Rejected tires are immediately removed and recycled.

With over 20 years of experience, AT Banden Export is your tire collector for the collection of used tires in both the Netherlands and Belgium.
We are certified according to the standards of Band en Milieu (BEM), SGS (ISO 9001) and Recytyre (Belgium). Our services include timely collection and responsible environmentally friendly disposal of car tires.

Our customers are car companies, tire specialists, car parts sellers and car dealers.



If desired, we can arrange transport and the necessary documents for you.

Would you also like us to collect your tires? please send your details to our mailbox below.

make sure the following is mentioned in your mail:

-a valid Chamber of Commerce number

-company name and address details

-details of the contact person (email address, telephone number, etc.)


do you have any questions?

please do not hesitate to contact us