AT Tires Export has grown into an international company in 15 years, specializing in the import and export of new and used tires all over the world. We sell tires of various sizes, at various prices and with various profiles for cars and trucks.


We collect and buy both small and large numbers of used tires on a large scale. The belts are collected in the Netherlands and after inspection and sorting, the quality belts are stored in the warehouse based on quality and then sold worldwide. Rejected tires are immediately removed and recycled. This allows us to supply tires for both exports and the Dutch market.

Car tires suitable for direct reuse are sold worldwide. The transport of the car tires is done by transport companies, by sea containers or by own transport.


We arrange the transport and the necessary documents for you.


We export tires from € 2,-




We offer the possibility to double and / or triple tires. Duplicated tires means a tire in another tire (2 in 1). Trippled tires is a double tire with a third tire in it (3 in 1).

* There is an additional charge, for information request the quote.



Normally loading is done by hand (manually), but we also offer the possibility to load with the press (machine). The press is a hydraulic machine that compresses tires in the container. This loads 20% to 25% more tires than when loading by hand.

The tires are not damaged by doing so.


For more information, please contact us.






volume manual loading machine loading
single tire charge approx. 1200 approx. 1700
doubled tires approx. 2200 approx. 2800
tripled tires approx. 2600 approx. 3500

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